Antoine Gourtay

FullStack Web Developer

Hi !

I'm Antoine Gourtay, welcome to my world ! I'm a 3rd year student at HETIC, where I'm studying webdesign, developement and e-marketing.

I will soon start ma freelancing business in Web Developement and Motion Design

Feel free to check my social networks, and the projects I've made down in this page.

My expertise

With my skills, I cover the whole construction of a website


As a front-end developer, I make websites from scratch with some HTML, CSS and JavaScript. I master frameworks like Bootstrap, AngularJS, ReactJS. I'm able to make all kind of integrations and front-end interactions.


As a back-end developer, I can make website with very specific interations with databases. WordPress has no secrets for me, and I try to do the same with Symfony framework.

Mobile Developer

As a mobile developer, I am really attached to the UX of my products. They need to be very ergonomic and easy to use for the user. To achieve those goals I develop my mobile applications with Native Android and iOS, but also Ionic 2 and React Native for hybrid applications.


As a student at HETIC, I'm trained to digital marketing, so that I can understand the world that is around us. Internet is at a very important crossroad in society, marketing is the key to satisfy the new needs of this society.

UX Design

As a UX Designer, I know how to make ergonomic interfaces, easily understandable for the customers, using design softwares like Sketch or Photoshop.

More perspectives

As I'm in a perpetual evolution, I want to achieve new chellenges, in order to progess on my mastered skills, and to learn new ones.

My Work

You will find down bellow some of my projects that will help you to know more about my work.

My Jingle Sounds

My Jingle Sound is an Android application which enables the user to play little sounds and jingles from sounds in his phone. This project was made during my internship at LDC.

Android, Java, XML

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We had to make a innovative project based on the ocean subject. We decided to make a game for children, in order to make them learn basics movements of the seas.

Ionic 2, HTML, CSS, TypeScript

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Absolument pas - TV

This project was made during our studies to use the Symfony framework. We had to make a website for a Japanese TV.

PHP, Symfony 3, MySql, Twig, CSS

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More projects to come ... Check out my GitHub for more !